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Volunteering at an Orphanage

Fah-Sai-Shoulders300Volunteers will stay at a local orphanage about 20 minutes from the city of Chiang Mai. It is a small orphanage with 19 children. The children are between 4 and 12 years old. It concerns children from Hmong tribes.Hmong are strict animists (worship of spirits) from origin. However, the children in the orphanage are converted to Christians.

Volunteers will spend time with the kids (read: play, cuddle, run and mostly lots of laughter), help preparing meals, help with cleaning, washing, washing clothes, try to let the children participate in various activities, help with homework, etc. Besides all this teaching English plays an important role (vocabulary). The coordinator will help you with preparing lessons these lessons take place on a daily basis.

Since the children are at school during the day, the project on a weekly basis is about 25 to 30 hours per week (incl. Lessons) the remaining time is free time and can be spend as the volunteer wants it. Perhaps it is also interesting on Sunday to go with the kids to church (even if non-believer this is quite an experience).

Total Costs: € 278, – per week

Why pay to volunteer?

You do not pay for doing volunteer work. You pay for the cost of your transfer from the airport to your accommodation, stay, the organization and supervision of your volunteering. The projects you are going to do volunteer work at are totally dependent on donations and can not pay the cost of your trip and stay. These costs are therefore for the volunteer.

Your entire stay as a volunteer is carefully organized and supervised by us. The projects where our volunteers will help, are carefully selected and prepared to work with volunteers from another culture. All projects are visited regularly. We also made sure the accommodation is a good place for our volunteers to stay. We paid great attention to safety and a degree of comfort.

You will be welcomed by our local coordinator at the airport or train station. Our coordinator will ensure that you get familiarized with the place where you work and stay and is always ready for you in case of questions and / or unexpected problems. During your entire stay as our volunteer our coordinator will maintain contact with you and do everything to make your stay as pleasant as possible.