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Background Information

According to the Thai privacy protection law we can’t publish the full profile of the children on our website. Therefore we will bond their stories together. If you are interested in sponsoring a child and want to know their exact background, please contact us so we can share more specific information with you.


To begin with the children of the orphanage we help are all Hmong tribe children. This is a minority group in Thailand, believed to have come from the southern part of China.


From origin the Hmong religion blends Animism, with Shamanism. Although most children were converted to Christians and others to Buddhists, parts of their origin can still be find through their culture.The orphanage is Christian since the “parents” are Christian but the children have their own freedom in their religion. They do go to church every Sunday and once in a while they also visit the temple.


  • Orphans
  • Abused children (as far as almost killed by their parents)
  • Children born in prison (father unknown mother sentenced for life for drugs smuggling)
  • Children of prostitutes that just left their children
  • Children from drugs/ alcohol addicts that couldn’t give proper care to them.


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To learn more about a specific child, please contact us.