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First of all we want to wish you a Happy New Year. We hope that all your wishes and dreams may come true, because many of you guys have made many dreams and wishes come true in 2015 for 28 lovely kids. Thank you for all your helping hands and donations in 2015 and we hope that also in 2016 you will keep helping us support them so they can have a bright future!

We are still in need of 6 more sponsors. Micky, Gun, Happy, Fuse, Nawa, and Dew haven’t found a sponsor so far. It would be great if we can start off the New Year with a present where all the kids can say they have a sponsor.

Why Sponsor a Child?
You might want to know what happens with your sponsorship funding when you sponsor a child and what the benefits are for you and the child. We will explain to you how sponsorship works and how you can get involved.

Choose a Child to Sponsor
The first step in becoming a sponsor is choosing a child you want to help. If you found a child you feel connected to you can fill in our form or for more information about the specific child send us an e-mail.

Contribute to a Child’s Future
Sponsoring a child costs only $35 USD / €31 euro per month — less than the price of a cup of coffee each day.
Although $35 USD / €31 euro per month may not seem like a lot of money, it’s amazing what a difference this sum can make in a child’s life. As a sponsor, you’ll help your child with their basic needs as in health care, nutritious food, access to education, clean water and if there is enough the possibility to participate in extra classes or hobbies (Dance class, music instruments, English classes etc.).

Make a Personal Connection
We believe that the most rewarding aspect of child sponsorship is to be personally in touch with them. If you choose to write, you’ll receive regular letters from your sponsored child, telling you about daily life, school and friends. Over time, you can develop a strong bond with the child you sponsor, enabling you to see how your generosity is making a difference.

Visit the Child You Sponsor

Maybe letters are simply not enough. If you want to meet the child you sponsor, you can discuss the possibility of visiting him or her personally. Stichting Weeshuis Thailand can help you coordinate a visit with your sponsored child, which can be a life-changing experience. Rather than relying on letters to see how your support is making a difference, you can see it firsthand.