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Stichting Weeshuis Thailand is helping a local Thai orphanage to buy a new piece of land and build a new orphanage. We will need all the help in the world to raise enough money for this project.

We want to buy a land of 4 rai so the children will have lots of space to run and play and so that there are possibilities for growth in the future. The land costs 4,000,000 baht ( 109.630 euro/ 122.869 USD) in total. We will have to pay 2,000,000 baht to purchase the land and the other 2.000.000 baht we can pay over the next coming years.

So far the orphanage has already raised 500.000 baht. They calculated that 1 “Tarang wa” (1/4 square meter) costs 2,500 baht (68.50 euro / 76.79 USD). They have been asking people to donate 1 tarang wa of land. Right now we are preparing everything for action.

We just finished our new website and are also working on a redesign of the website from the orphanage. Besides that we are making a promo movie that can give people an idea of what the project is about.

For this project you can help us by donating or by fundraising for us.