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Direct Bank Transfer

Donations can be made to the following account:

IBAN: NL37INGB0008150167

In the name of: Stichting Weeshuis Thailand te Lelystad

If you’d like to sponsor a child, don’t forget to mention the name of the child in the description.

We are currently focusing our efforts on a very important major project. It is critical that this project is completed in order for the orphanage to continue it’s important work.

Current Project

Purchasing new land and building a new house for the orphans

Problem description

  1. The land that the orphanage is currently on doesn’t belong to the orphanage and will be sold in less than three years from now.
  2. Currently the orphanage has been registered under the Thai law as a “foundation” and not as an “orphanage”. The current location and building don’t meet the requirements of an “orphanage” (Size, Staff and some essential rooms are missing as a nursery). And with the current “foundation” status they aren’t allowed to have more than 6 children. A lawyer helped the orphanage by giving them a three year extension to prepare and get the official “orphanage” status. Once the orphanage gets the official status under Thai law, they will also get access to government funding.


  1. To give the children at the orphanage a home and a place to do activities together.
  2. To be able to get the “orphanage” status for the Thai law

Expected results

  1. A good place to live for the children as well as for the staff and volunteers. Building will consist of a separate room for the boys and girls, girls bathroom and boys bathroom, staff house, volunteer house, dining room, kitchen, vocational educating building, multi-purpose building and football field.
  2. Provide a good portion of activities and recreation possibilities for the children of the orphanage. Also to provide the children with vocational training that don’t have the ability to study at a university.
  3. Be able to help more orphans with the extra space.
  4. Register as an official orphanage under Thai law.
  5. Be able to get support from the government and charitable organizations because of being registered.

If we don’t reach the expected results

If we don’t meet the goal we will look for other options to be able to give the children of the orphanage a home (replacement) from the given donations. All donations will be spent on behalf of the children.